NTC Memorandom For Reduced Text Message Rate

Just recently, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) released a Memorandum Circular 02-10-2011, lowering the highest interconnection cost for SMS between 2 different networks to P0.15 per text message out of the current P0.35 per text message. Due to this, each of our SMS standard costs is going to be 80 centavos from the existing P1 per text message or lowered by a minimum of 20 centavos per text message.
National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said the new SMS interconnection rate complied which has a provision of Republic Act 7925, or the Public Telecommunications Policy Act of the Philippines, which seeks reasonable and sensible interconnection among public operators as well as other telecommunications services providers with fair as well as reasonable fee.
Connection charge is applicable to the fee paid by one carrier for each SMS that passes via the network of another carrier. Less connection charge implies a cheaper SMS fee, currently placed in an average of P1 per text message. The market price of SMS includes the price of the network distributing the short message, and also the price of the network accepting the text message as well as the price of the interconnection services.
In relate to this news, Globe's position on NTC's initiative to lower SMS Interconnection access rates is as follow.
Globe supports the NTC initiative to lower SMS interconnection access rates to 15 centavos and has fully complied with the NTC Memorandum.

The lowering of domestic access charges on sms will allow Globe to offer more aggressive and competitive sms based unli, bulk and all network promos.

Right now, our customers are enjoying an average rate of close to 10 centavos per sms because of the inter and all network bulk unli offers, as well as our postpaid and consumable plan offerings.

The lower sms access rates will help provide greater benefits to our customers especially those who are currently using our unli services.

Atty. Froilan Castelo
Head, Corporate and Legal Services Group
Globe Telecom.

#HelloDecember #GoodbyeNovember

I'ts now 5:31 in the morning and yes I haven't have any sleep yet. Will hit the sack after Justine will go to school and that's going to be 4 hours after from now.

So what am I busy with while waiting for the time?
Aside from blogging, I'm also writing contact details on the raffle tickets which I bought. This raffle ticket is for the Christmas fund raising for special kids. My aunt, who also has a special daughter, ask me to help sell this tickets a few weeks ago and with the help of my CDOblogger friends all tickets given to me is sold out. However, some was not able fill up the tickets with their details that is why I'm writing for them now. Well, I actually don't mind the important thing is that they bought the tickets. All in all there's 200 tickets I need to finish filling up because my aunt will be picking this tickets later.

In related to this charity topic this coming December 2, 2011 Friday, CDO Bloggers will be having an outreach program at Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan. Incase you want to take part of this good cause feel free to contact any CDObloggers or shoot me a comment below. :)

Are you Old To Seat on Santa's Lap?

At the shopping mall in New Jersey a musical break out took place when a man express his desire to seat on Santa's lap through singing. Okay I admit, after watching the video I did ask myself would I dare to seat on Santa's lap at my age now. Hmmm... Well, yeah maybe if Santa would give me a present ofcourse. Lol Anyway, heres the video hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

This Mall Santa Musical is part of ImproveEverywhere.com spontaneous musicals that happens in public places. If you wan to watch more of this spontaneous musicals check it out here.

So are you old to seat on Santa's lap? Shoot your answer in my comment box below. :)

Its Christmas at SM CDO

November 12, 2011. Christmas is in the air at SM Cagayan de Oro. They officially kick off the celebration with the Christmas Centerpiece Light Up Ceremony with bossa nova princess Sitti as the guest. The event started with a Christmas musical followed with a Christmas carol from the Lourdes College Choir and then a Christmas message from SM.

They have also officially introduce Maria Aragon, the international YouTube sensation, as the SM Supermalls Voice of SM Christmas.

The lightning ceremony was serenaded with ChriSMs Jingle sung by a choral group.

After the light up of the SM centerpiece bossa nova princess Sitti serenade everyone with her hit sigles from her album.

Special thanks to SM City CDO for inviting CDO Bloggers to witness this grand light up ceremony. And also for the delicious cocktails serve with us.

Cadayunan Primary School Outreach and Feeding Program

Christmas is coming soon as well as the new year. Month of December is really a month of merriment and thanksgiving. This is also the best time to give back from all the blessings you receive the whole year round.

In connection to this CDObloggers organization will be having a Christmas Outreach and Feeding Program at Cadayunan Primary School on December 2, 2011.

Its a new primary school in Sitio Mamboloso, Besigan.

Besigan is 52 kilometers away from the city proper and most of the people in the area are farmers with no regular transportation except dump trucks from the city government to help the people transport their farm products, the resolution cited. --cagayandeoro.gov.ph
CDObloggers objective is to donate books and other supplementary learning materilas and conduct a feeding activity to the school. The beneficiary is estimated 60 and more students. CDOBloggers members monetary contribution will be Php 300.00 which is P250 for books and other materials, Php 50 for the feeding activity.
If you want to be part of this charity event you can donate any amount. If you're away from Cagayan de Oro you can send donations through Paypal --francis.siason@gmail.com. Or you could also optionally donate in kind school materials like books, notebooks, writing and coloring materials, etc. As well as food and drinks for the feeding program. Deadline of contributions is on November 30, 2011.

Checkout CDObloggers blog on this event:

Meet Emotera Goddess!

Meet the blogger me Emoteragoddess and the simply me Venussmileygal :D It's time that I should make use of both nick and separate 2 different sides of me.
Is it a goodbye for Venussmileygal? Nah she will still be here to stay and make you smile online!

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Reality check: Working Individual vs Inday!

This is circulating online specifically in Facebook. Looking at the comparison table above it made wanna jump unto getting Inday's job. :D Added to fact that house help or Yaya jobs is the most in demand position nowadays even I myself is hiring for someone to help me look after my kiddo. Hiring "Inday's" position is getting harder each day because of so many reasons like; How much is the salary going to be? Is your house complete with appliance (which would make work easier)? Age of kids they would take care. And many other questions that would give Inday an idea what her  life would be working in your house. And if your not lucky some "Inday's" are pain in the neck specially the younger one's because they tend to have lots of issues; elope with boyfriend, poor hygiene, lazy that boss needs to follow every move/work and worst would be a thief. However, don't lose hope because there are still good people who serve their boss with tender-loving-care. This is one of the reasons Filipinos are in-demand domestic helpers in foreign countries. :)
On the other hand, I still prefer to have the job I have now. Working on something which you are passionate about is more fulfilling and fun. Though we cannot avoid struggles, stress and tough responsibilities, but this things makes life challenging and gives color to our life. It's all about passion and perseverance.