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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hi everyone! Happy weekend y'all! 
This past few weeks has been so busy. So many challenges I have encountered, that work are pilling up and Im still catching up until this weekend. 
Whats worse is that, I have this constant headache that keeps on bothering me. Is this stress? What can you recommend to remedy this? Do feel free to shoot me some suggestions on the comments below. Would really appreciate it.
So Im having a full weekend. Aside from workload I have a wedding and Christening (I am going to be godmother to another beautiful angel) that Im attending. 
I'll be heading to a cousins wedding in a few hours now... And before I go I thought writing an update here in my blog since Im in the mood to do so... Grabbing the chance while my mind is in the works. ^_^
I've shared a post previously on ideas for casual Halloween outfits you can wear on a Halloween parties. This time I'll be sharing costumes that I would love to wear. The first one is a nurse I actually find it more of a plane stewardess but whatever its so stunning. The next is the bat costume which is really cute. My son said he can wear it too and scare kids in the neighborhood. Naughty kid! Now for the rest the costume are the witch costume, goddess Athena, Egyptian queen, and Goldilocks.

Ofcourse, to have a perfect costume you m have a great accessories. I found the following which are so cool. Im so stoke at wearing that blood necklace! hahaha And the chokers I love so much coz I can surely wear it casually even after Halloween is long gone.      
By the way, I found this cool Halloween costumes and accessories at Rosegal.com. Checked them out they have lots of stuffs for Halloween.

If you have any... what's your costume for the Halloween?

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  1. The black and red nurse costume is seriously sexy and I love the fun twists on chokers!!


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    Let me know with a comment on my Blog



  3. I love the halloween outfit inspo!
    The chokers are my favorite :D

    Happy weekend for you
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    My handmade jewelry pop-up store
    Kisses, Isabelle

  4. Hello dear,
    you have such a fantastic blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC/bloglovin? Please let me know, it would be my pleasure!

  5. All these costumes outfits are cool. Love the chokers. Great post!
    Xx, Raysa

  6. Oh, the chokers!!! I'm not a fan of spiders in real life but those little ones are almost cute! Great post! x

  7. Perfect! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  8. I love these costumes, the witchy ones are my favourite :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  9. Great ideas dear!




  10. Love these costumes, V!! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. Although I'm a natural brunette, I would definitely rock the Goldilocks costume. Great picks! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲ Alt


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