My Faves At Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Couture Collection

I was browsing on Pinterest and stumble on this attractive red gowns. My bet is the 2 gowns at the back specially the one on the left... so sexy!

As I click on further on the links of this image I discovered that this beautiful red alert gowns are from Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2011-2012 couture collection. It was stated that the collection was inspired by the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian.
“Wu Zetian, the unique Emperatrice to ever rule over China was renowned for her remarkable beauty whilst ruling with an iron fist. Powerful and eccentric, she kept a male harem and excelled in the arts. It is once again, a woman of character that sets the tone for Zuhair Murad’s collection.” 
Here are some of the collection that I would love to wear if I had a chance...

I love this short to long red gown... The style is inspired from Japanese kimono dress, obi belt and boro textiles with modern influences.

Regal purple strapless evening dress with pleated neckline. I don't like its purple color though but I think it will still rock in something blue perhaps royal blue. And perhaps in white perfect for wedding gown.

This short dresses in the style of long sleeved qipaos is so hot and fierce.

Gowns can be purchase at this website.

SourceWedding Inspirasi