Style Origin 2014: Community Fashion Show

The second day of Style Origin 2014 was more exciting for me than on the first day because it featured street-appropriate looks for the active and fashionable urban crowd. There were lots of brands participating in the fashion show this time. And two beautiful celebrity guest grace the runway.

Almost everything showcased on the runway was my fave. It's wearable, trendy and chic. Since I haven't decided which are my most fave among the outfits, will share instead to you all the collections shown in the runway. A treat for those who was not able to watch and/or attend the Community Fashion Show at the Centrio Mall last June 8, 2014.

Shoes from ResToeRun and clothes by Basic House

Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida for Mags
Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida with Miss Mags Cue

Empress Schuck for What A Girl Wants

After walking on the runway, Empress Schuck then serenaded the crown with 2 songs; Diamonds and Come and Get It.

Since this post is already long will have a Style Origin 2014: Community Fashion Show Part 2 post. So which of this collections are your fave? Dont forget to share it on the comment section below. :)

Pointers To Achieve Six Pack Abs Easily

Six Pack Abs

Six pack ab strength training is not as hard as it looks. Most people spend way too much time working on areas that will never lead them towards the six pack that they've always wanted. Instead, if you were to focus on your metabolism, with a slight bias towards ab strengthening, you would be able to decrease your body fat, improve your stamina, eat more (not less), and get in and out of the gym faster.

Increasing metabolism requires proper nutritional habits, improved posture, and high intensity exercise.

By choosing balanced meals, sufficient calories, and appropriate meal timing you have an ability to demand more energy from your body during any given workout, thereby taking more away from each workout in less time. Improving posture leads to improved oxygenation of muscles, improved circulation, increased self-confidence, and improved cosmetics. High intensity exercise leads to lactic acid production, minuscule tears of muscles that require repair following bouts of exercise, and momentary muscular failure. These characteristics force your body to undergo a repair process that lasts days after leaving the gym, instead of the hour or two you may spend in the gym. Naturally, as with any process in your body, processes consume energy, and energy equals metabolism.

Decreasing body fat is a product of increasing your muscle to fat ratio (muscle:fat.)

The easiest way to do this is by adding lean muscle mass to your body, and then working on losing weight from there. Because muscle consumes more calories than body fat, you will be able to eat more, burn more off, and feel stronger throughout your day. Instead of restricting calories and feeling lethargic, you will be able to rise above and feel motivated to succeed the following day with your goals.

Eat more, not less.

Most people try to diet when they want to improve physique. What's more? They stay in the gym longer, but they have less to burn. Instead, think of food as fuel and exercise as fire. In order to keep the fire burning, you have to continually feed it fuel. Exercise is the same way. If you would like your body to function optimally, consider eating at least a snack every 2-3 hours. Preferably, your snack will look just like the balanced meal you ate earlier in the day, but a smaller portion. Over time, your body will learn to accept and use more calories, provide more fuel to the fire, and dramatically improve your results in the gym.

Six pack ab training is achievable if you know what you're doing. Increasing metabolism, decreasing body fat, and improving dietary habits leads to faster and longer lasting results.

If you'd like a free trial to an ab strengthening program that will change your life in just ten minutes per day, please visit:
This article originally posted By Kareem Samhouri, DPT on Ezine Article

Moving On

So I thought we had some kind of connection-ish, but it turned out you liked some other girl...

Friend zone for the second time around... Guess it'll be easy to get over this time. (insert bitter smile)

I'm slowly drowning in memories of him
And I know it shouldn't matter
As my heart begins to shatter
I'm left to wonder
Just how it should have been yeah...

Forgive me for this emo post...

What I Wore | Muscle Tee and Distressed Leggings

Its another saturdate with friends. The plan? Movie and dinner... err not until I arrive at the mall and they said we will go swimming. What?! I dont have any swimwear. :( I just hope that after movie the plan will change.

We watched X-Men: Days of Future Past... The movie was great. I really enjoyed this sequel.

After movie off we went to Stargate Dream Vacation Resort for the swimming. I thought they'd go swimming without me but thank God they didn't go on because (reason #1 ) we waited for the pool attendant they we're nowhere to be found, (reason #2) while waiting we watched lots of people already swimming and then (reason #3) only 2 of my friends are in for the swim. ^_^ Oh yes! HaHaHa So we ended having dinner instead. Will give review on the food on the next post so watch out for it. ;)

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort offers a great view of Cagayan de Oro river but we didn't get to enjoy it much because it was already dark when we arrived.

Snob Sleeveless Vest - Chili Girl | Backpack - Local Store | Distressed Black Slit Leggings - | Sneaker Wedge - People R People

Tonkatsu Night

Tonkatsu CDO (8)
Tonkatsu CDO (2)
Got invited to taste the food of the newest restaurant at Centrio Mall - Tonkatsu by Terazawa. It was a rainy Tuesday evening but that didn't stop me to taste the classic favorite in Japanese homes which is the tonkatsu.
Tonkatsu, is a Japanese food which consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. There are two main types, hire (pork fillet) and rosu (pork loin). It is often served with shredded cabbage.

The dish, Tonkatsu, is showcased, as created by Japanese restaurateur and chef Akinori Terazawa. Chef Terazawa uses the traditional Japanese method of preparing this dish, incorporating aging the meat by wrapping it in white cloth for 3 days. And said that this procedure produces meat that is irresistibly flavorful and juicy.

Kurobuta, dubbed the angus of pork, is meat from the original strains of Berkshire hogs from Japan.

Iberico. Popularly known as "Pata Negra," these Iberian pigs are a special breed found in the south and southwest areas of Spain.

Condiments: Tonkatsu sauce, salad dressing, toragashi, sesame seeds.

Chasoba Salad
Chasoba Salad. My personal favorite I just love its taste. It has vegetables, egg, ham, tomatoes, cucumber, pasta and Japanese mayonnaise .

Fried chicken wings
Fried chicken wings.

Pork Karaage
Pork Karaage.

All sets are served with refillable shredded cabbage, tonjiru (miso soup with pork), and your choice of Japanese rice or brown rice. It's my first time to taste shredded cabbage with salad dressing and I love it. It can already fill-in the rice but the delicious Japanese rice is irresistible also. Yes, Im such a rice lover! ^_^

Kurobuta Katsu
Kurobuta Katsu.

Iberico katsu
Iberico katsu.

Hire katsu
Hire katsu. The pork meat is locally bought. Its also good to know that among the cities in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro has the tastiest pork meat that really is perfect for tonkatsu.

Seafood Katsu
Seafood Katsu with imperial prawn, oyster and hire.

Frozen Green Tea
Frozen Green Tea. Undeniably my fave as well! This dessert is a 4-layered dessert of egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream and graham crust.

CDO Bloggers
My dinner dates; Irene of, Ding of and Bang of Also in the photo are the staffs and managers of Tonkatsu by Terazawa.

Have you been to Tonkatsu by Terazawa? What's you're fave on the menu?

Swimming at Marco Hotel

Another swimming weekend with my girlfriends... This time we picked Marco Hotel's swimming pool. Marco Hotel is a place to be for sports minded people. They have a sports complex which offers indoor tennis court, badminton court, table tennis and rock climbing. Marco Hotel swimming pools varies from kids, regular adults, sports, and Jacuzzi with the fee of 100.00 pesos person.

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Marco Hotel Swimming Pool

Lately, swimming has been our ultimate bonding and stress relief from the toxic virtual job. I also took this opportunity to learn more and practice swimming specially that my mermaid swim has improved. Yes! Im so proud and trying-hard on that mermaid swim. ^_^

Top: Basic House | Maxi Skirt: Denise

Location: Alwana Business Park, Claro M. Recto Ave, Cagayan de Oro 9000, Philippines
Phone: (8822) 732542