Korean Drama: 49 Days

Funny how at first I just disregard watching the Korean drama, 49 Days. Well maybe because after reading its synopsis I felt like its a fictional story and doesn't appeals me much. However, after seeing an advertisement on local TV that it will have a Filipino version, I gave it a try an downloaded it online. It turns out that it was a great Korean drama with a lot of life learning lessons on death and taking chances on life. The story is different from the usual Korean novela that I watched. I usually watched something humorous Korean drama because they would never fail to make me laugh out loud and feel good inside but 49 Days is far different since its a heavy drama. Yes, it has a lot of crying scenes but much more to that in this drama you learn to understand about pain, fate and love. After or even while watching 49 Days you will even stop and think of;

How good you live your life.
How many people is touch by your presence.
How much love you have give to the people around you.
The sincerity of tears people will shed for you.

In this drama you will also reflect two sides of living life. Either making the most of your everyday existence or chase death for an easy way out to skip the pain and loneliness. Pain will always be there if we dont learn to accept and let go. It may be hard but its the only way to put everything in place and let fate runs it course.

Live well. When times are hard, just like now recall those days that you treasure most. Gather your courage and live.

49 Days lead cast are Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, Jo Hyeon Jae, Bae Su-bin, Jung Il Woo and Seo Ji Hye. I suggest you download the original Korean drama with English subtitles so that you will really understand the full run. Sometimes Filipino versions has some cut scenes. And for info 49 Days is titled Pure Love in the Philippines.

La Ilongga At Ororama Food Court

Remembering College days... I used to spend my lunch breaks here at La Ilongga at Ororama Supercenter (on the photo above). 
And the photo below which is puso salad is my fave vian. Since its been a long time since I have visited and dine in this place I indulge myself earlier. However, the food seem to taste different, its no longer as tasty as before. Sad. :(

CDOBloggers Super Eye Ball

Get ready fellow CDO bloggers! CDObloggers group will be having a Super Eye Ball this coming June 25, 2011 at Loretos Bar and Grill. Meet and greet fellow bloggers here in Cagayan de Oro. This meet-up party will be the mark of more monthly meet-ups of the organization like what it used to before, when the organization just started.
This monthly meet-up will be the way of sharing each others ideas and thoughts on online media and blogging. And not only that it is also a way to bond, relax, laugh and have fun with fellow CDObloggers members. So lets look back how it was before through this video I made...
Exciting and fun right? So join us and sign-up at cdobloggers.com. And register for membership here: CDOBloggers Membership Form.

Homemade Macaroni Soup

Our neighbor cooked this delicious macaroni soup. I am not a fan of any macaroni food, even in deserts, but this soup made me realized that macaroni can be delicious too. The ingredients in this soup are eggs, chicken necks, magic sarap and macaroni... That simple, Pinoy style!

You're Beautiful

The last Asianovela I was madly crazy about was Meateor Garden. Back then I would always make it a point not to miss any episode on TV. I would always go home early from school and will also make sure to finish house choires before it started, so that I can concentrate in watching. I even bought lots of collectibles from stickers to t-shirt, most specially with Vaness Wu pics since he is my idol among the F4.

Now it seems my craziness over koreanovela is back but to a different series called You're Beautiful or He's Beautiful in Filipino version. After watching its trailer online last year, I was immediately interested in watching it. However, I haven't had much time watching it on local TV series because I got busy with work and then forget about it eventually. Last week boredom really sink in, that I can't take it anymore and so I search on the internet of something to watch which will also inspires me back to work. Thats when I remember about You're Beautiful. It took me awhile to find where to watch the complete series since most online series specially Filipino version are no longer available. Good thing I found You're Beautiful English Sub. I also discovered later that Filipino version has some cut scenes. It was really wise that I downloaded the English Sub which is also in HD.

So it has been 1 week since I have completed downloading the whole episode and theres not a day I don't watch You're Beautiful. I feel like my day will not be complete if im not going to watch it. Even just by listening to the You're Beautiful soundtracks which has been my most played music on my playlist, both in my phone and laptop, would make me smile and feel better.
I was shock on how this series has affected me. I was like one of the A.N.Jell fans waiting outside the A.N. Entertainment Building just to catch even just a glimpse of my fave star. Or a highschool lovestruck to Jang Geun Suk... lols
Kidding aside, I was really thankful in having to watch You're Beautiful because it made me smile even without any reason and inspired me to live life with much anticipation again. It also made me believe to never lose hope in everything and that no matter what I can do it! Aja! Really I dont know why this tv series has inspired me a lot.

Big thanks to the following:
Neesopanks for You're Beautiful Complete Episode
Withs2 for the English Sub
Google images for the photos

Mozilla Firefox 4 Launch Party

I attended the Mozilla Firefox 4 launch Party at Big Flat Bread (BFB) Limketkai yesterday. It was fun and I had a blast of pizza. :D During the party we discussed about the new feature of Mozilla Firefox 4 which encourage me to upgrade my current Firefox browser today. I usually don't upgrade my Firefox browser because of compatibility issues on some add-ons that I need to used for work. Knowing the risk I still give it a try and upgrade my Firefox. Check out my online web guide for the installation details, errors I have encountered and features which I find very useful even for those who are not doing SEO works.
You guys ought to try it also it offers great features that will make browsing in the internet easy and fast. Also help you organize most visited webpages. It also check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries, do not track option, and parental control.

Worlds of Fun

One of the important things we need to achieved in living life to its fullest is to laugh and enjoy. Well, my friend Janlac always find time to enjoy and relieve the 'baby' in her... :D The secret? Spend Saturday's at Worlds of fun! For her its not just having a good time playing games but also getting out from stressful work and a new additional members to her growing collection of stuffed toys.

So for those who are feeling bored... Why not try Worlds of Fun for a change. Take a chance on the thrill and excitement, recreation and sports, new friends and rewards you'll gain...