You're Beautiful

The last Asianovela I was madly crazy about was Meateor Garden. Back then I would always make it a point not to miss any episode on TV. I would always go home early from school and will also make sure to finish house choires before it started, so that I can concentrate in watching. I even bought lots of collectibles from stickers to t-shirt, most specially with Vaness Wu pics since he is my idol among the F4.

Now it seems my craziness over koreanovela is back but to a different series called You're Beautiful or He's Beautiful in Filipino version. After watching its trailer online last year, I was immediately interested in watching it. However, I haven't had much time watching it on local TV series because I got busy with work and then forget about it eventually. Last week boredom really sink in, that I can't take it anymore and so I search on the internet of something to watch which will also inspires me back to work. Thats when I remember about You're Beautiful. It took me awhile to find where to watch the complete series since most online series specially Filipino version are no longer available. Good thing I found You're Beautiful English Sub. I also discovered later that Filipino version has some cut scenes. It was really wise that I downloaded the English Sub which is also in HD.

So it has been 1 week since I have completed downloading the whole episode and theres not a day I don't watch You're Beautiful. I feel like my day will not be complete if im not going to watch it. Even just by listening to the You're Beautiful soundtracks which has been my most played music on my playlist, both in my phone and laptop, would make me smile and feel better.
I was shock on how this series has affected me. I was like one of the A.N.Jell fans waiting outside the A.N. Entertainment Building just to catch even just a glimpse of my fave star. Or a highschool lovestruck to Jang Geun Suk... lols
Kidding aside, I was really thankful in having to watch You're Beautiful because it made me smile even without any reason and inspired me to live life with much anticipation again. It also made me believe to never lose hope in everything and that no matter what I can do it! Aja! Really I dont know why this tv series has inspired me a lot.

Big thanks to the following:
Neesopanks for You're Beautiful Complete Episode
Withs2 for the English Sub
Google images for the photos