Kasalang Filipino 2013

I happened drop by at Centrio Mall to meet a friend and just when I'm about to go home I thought of taking pictures at the on going event at the Centrio Event Center. Its actually the last day of a 3-day event of Kasalang Filipino 2013. I have consistently attended Kasalan sa Kagay-an the past years and this year they now change its event name to Kasalang Filipino. I remember the first Kasalan sa Kagay-an I have attended I blogged about my Dream Wedding right after when I got home. Yes ganun ang effect!  Hopefully next year though when I will attend the next Kasalang Filipino I will be booking vendors for my own wedding already. Tehee... ^_^

Anyways, I took some photos on what's inside so I'll walk you through...

I started on the right side and this is what you see beautiful gowns from the Wedding Zone Events Coordinator

I think every year I never missed to drop by at Cakeistry. They always display elegant and overwhelming wedding cakes.

Pour & Mix Mobile Bar... Ive heard a lot of good feedbacks about them and I would like to try and experience how it is drinking in a mobile bar. ^_^

Now lets go on the inside...
Dustein Sibug Photography

The Cater Company

Oro Fashion Designers Guild

ABS-CBN showcase their top drama series Be Careful with Heart.

Paper Works

Ever Bilena whom I believe one of the major sponsors every year. They hosted a Make-up Contest on the Kasalang Filipino 2013 first day.

Odysseus Suarez Wedding Rings they offer free customized wedding cake slicers.

Professional Organizers currently the organizers of Kasalan Filipino 2013.

One Happy Story I stayed the whole time here coz Im friends with Bon and Irene. Thank you to the siblings for the welcome.

Sweet Piece Wedding Event Stylist

Now lets go on the left side...
This one I like I just didn't get the exhibitors name.. (Face Palm) Fail!

Fairytales Desserts and Pastries This is the first they have joined the Kasalang Filipino. I actually enjoyed looking at the desserts and pastrie...
Goldilocks Costumize Cake

I was able to catch up the awarding program of exhibitors and sponsors. After that program is the Bridal Fashion Show by Oro Fashion Designers Guild but I no longer waited for it because I need to go home early.

Okay will end the post with my #OOTD. I actually came unprepared Im wearing with just my comfort clothes with no make-up.

Kasalang Filipino 2013 Love Badge

Thank you One Happy Story and Kasal.com!