Bride of the Water God

A lot of people compared this drama to Goblin but the ending of this drama is way better than that of Goblin. I actually like the story of this drama. There's probably some missing factor to get hooked with it but a least in this drama everything make sense... Well except for that swimming part with awkward hands though... :D 
There's a lot of things shown in every episode of this drama... How much will you give up for power (Ha Baek)... for friendship (Bireom)... for family (Soah's dad)... for humanity (Mr Shin)... for love (Moorah and Ha Baek).... and for yourself (Mr Shin and Ha Baek)... 
Life is all about your journey and how strong enough are you to journey further. I also commend Mr Shin's assistant for trying to make that friendnemy of SoAh realize her actions to be a better person. Her attitude is really annoying. I also like how it ended... fair enough for a human and deity love story.

The Faceshop Haul

While waiting for the Korean beauty products that I ordered at Althea. I happened to passed by at one of the beauty shop that is originally from Korea, The Face Shop. And being interested to Korean skincare lately, I go out the shop with several hauls which I though I'd use while waiting for the other Korean beauty products.

Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam (Php265.00/ $5). This cleansing foam is available in 3 variant; lemon, mug beans,aloe vera. I got the lemon which is good for all skin type. This is enriched with lemon extract, it helps eliminate dead skin cells and softly purifies. This also brightens skin and offers you a luminous complexion by removing impurities.

Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel (Php195.00/ $3). Formulated with 99% Aloe Vera Leaf Extract from Jeju island to soothe and moisturize the skin! This gel can be used for various purposes, including moistuzing, soothing, facial pack, and after-sun care. 
Ive actually ordered in Althea the popular Nature Republic Aloe soothing gel too but can't help on buying this because it was buy 1, take 1 promo. Gave the other to my mo. ^_^

Real Nature Mung Bean Mask (Php65.00/ $1). This mask leaves skin clear and radiant. In just a couple of minutes, it helps eliminate impurities that clog your pores, to leave your skin dazzling.

Real Nature Face Mask Shea Butter (Php65.00/ $1). The air pockets within the sheet contain handful on nutritional essence, providing natural moisture and nourishment to skin.

Real Nature Pomegranate Face Mask (Php65.00/ $1).This mask reduces the appearance of the first signs of aging and helps improve skin's elasticity. Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate provides skin with long-lasting hydration and a radiant complexion.

Have you tried any of this skincare from The Face Shop?

The Orange Bikini Craze

Orange is perfect color for summer vibe since its vibrant and refreshing. And a perfect color for the season since its almost transitioning to fall. And we all know orange is the color of fall.
"In Europe and America, surveys show that orange is the colour most associated with amusement, the unconventional, extroverts, warmth, fire, energy, activity, danger, taste and aroma, and the autumn season." ~
"Studies show that the orange color can create physical effects such as increased hunger, heightened sense of activity, increased socialization, boost in aspiration, stimulated mental activity, increased oxygen supply to the brain, increased contentment, and enhanced assurance. Orange also helps aid decision making, and enhances happiness, confidence, and understanding." ~
If you love orange bikini then your in for a treat since Zaful has a lot of on sale items on their website. This collections of modish bikini that are on sale on their website now can be a perfect must have for a summer escape.
Zaful also has a back to school promo... Click here for more details.

What is your favorite color on your bikinis?

Sheer Leggings Online

Do you love wearing leggings? What is your favorite way to wear leggings?
If you have been a follower or a reader of my blog you'll probably know that I am not a fan of pants, and this includes leggings. I only have a few of them in my closet and are worn for 2-3 times.
However, I do love sheer leggings because its so stylish and comfortable... I have one before (click here to see the style). I like to wear sheer leggings under a mini skirt, skimpy shorts and bodycon dresse. Then top it with denim or bomber jackets. And finish the look with either a pair of boots or sneakers. 
Here's some very modish sheer leggings online which are definitely a must have whether for fashion, comfort or workout.

All this images are grabbed from If your interested visit the website for affordable sheer leggings.

#OnlineShopping: Haul from

Hi everyone! Today i'll be sharing a review from my latest online shopping experience at is an online e-commerce company that offers a wide variety of products at a very competitive to cheap prices... From clothings, jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags, mobile phone accessories, beauty products, home & garden, electronics, toys, and many more. Payment can be made through Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Western Union. Their website is available in 9 languages and ships to over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Shipping are all free if you choose Airmail to deliver your package.

Here's the details of what I've purchase and a review on each of them.
New Womens Floral Chiffon Summer Boho Long Maxi Evening Party Dress Beach Dress (Size: Medium) - This one was disappointing. I love the dress but I don't understand the size, its too big on me as you can see on the image below. However, the gartered end of the arm is so tight. Its chiffon cloth is so thin, perfect for summer. When I opened it when it arrived, the right string was damaged. I thought its okay not to have it but I realized I need to attached it again because it helps the waist part to look nice. I probably need to have this altered to fit on me just so I can use it.
Boho Women's Chiffon High Waist Summer Beach Long Maxi Dress Elastic Waist Skirt (Size: Medium | Color: Khaki) - I love this skirt its so stunning. It fits perfectly on me. The cloth is chiffon and is very flowy but not so thin that is why I love it more.

Have you tried online shopping at How was the quality of your items? 

Feel free to share in the comments section. ^_^

#Wishlist: That Blue Maxi Dress

Rosegal Blue Maxi Dress

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing my blue maxi dress wishlist... I was browsing online for a plus size activewear for my friend, who by the way is into yoga. When she started doing Pilates she's been obsessed shopping for plus size activewear that she can wear and keep her motivated to workout. So I help her out in finding some great workout outfits that will give her extra push to move and workout daily. :D

So found some great plus size activewear for my friend in And that’s where I also spotted some maxi dresses while browsing through... I’ve been obsessed with maxi dresses that it became my go to clothes lately. Since I don’t have the budget for a new extra modish and chic maxi dress, I’m saving this here in my blog as a wishlist post. I am hoping I could buy these babies soon before it sold out.
I still need to save for this because lately most of my money went to my skincare routine, been so addicted to Korean skincare products. Watch out for it in my upcoming post! ^_^

Which of the maxi dress you like the most? 

By the way, if your interested to shop this maxi dress or any new clothes do checkout ongoing summer sale, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

Surprise code: RGEN

HairFood Co Haul

HairFood Co hair Essential

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing a beauty haul from Hairfood Co...
Hairfood Co is a Filipino company providing natural and nature-inspired haircare products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free and are infused with the world's best nourishing ingredients.
After attending the blogcon meet-up that was hosted by Hairfood Co I got interested on the all natural products. And since the some of the products are not just for hair but can be use on the face and body. All the more exciting for me.
So here are products I bought from Hairfood Co: 
Hairfood Co. Black Back Shampoo - This shampoo boost the growth of the hair with the all-natural shampoo powered by a stem cell activator.
Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner- This will help regrow hair with a plethora of  natural oils and plant extracts that activate hair stem cell follicles and revitalize scalp. This conditioner also increases manageability, strength of hair fibres and shine.
Rosehip Oil - This is amazing scar remover, skin and hair rejuvenating properties. It also improves dull hair, brings back shine to the color hair, anti-dandruff treatment, and many more.
Tsubaki Oil - This famous Japanese oil for skin and hair beauty rituals. Traditionally nourish and protect tehir skin with native Tsubaki oil, shich is natural fast-absorbing.
Tsubaki beauty oil softens hair and makes it more manageable. It helps retain oisture, repairs breakage and split ends.

Hairfood Co. Black Back Shampoo
Hairfood Co. Black Back Shampoo 250ml (P550.00

Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner
Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner 250ml (P615.00)

Rosehip Oil
Rosehip Oil 30ml (P485.00)

Tsubaki Oil
Tsubaki Oil 50ml (P899.00)

Have you tried HairFood Co products?

Hairfood Co just opened it's SM Downtown Premier shop, located at the ground floor near Bread Talk 
You can also check them out online: