As I was checking my old stuffs that I kept in a box I saw this letter that Teddy Bear gave to me. It was a simple Christmas letter with a message and poem attached in it. The poem is written by Teddy Bear (Cecilia Cagape) dedicated to Tweety (Marie Ann Amarille) and Bugs Bunny (me) dated December 17, 1999.


Friends are so wonderful
They makes my day beautiful
When I'm lonely...
They are there to comfort me.

They are special
They are not artificial
But best friends are more special
Because they makes my life more normal.

Whenever I feel sad
They will not make me feel bad
Instead, they find a way
to make me feel not dismay.

Even we made our self cry
We still do the best we
We try and hoping not to fight
Because we're afraid to lose our friendship like a candle light.

They are always there
Ready to help me so desr
They take away my loneliness
And pour my heart with happiness.

In them, I found the real meaning of a true friendship
It is more than a relationship
Which no one can break, even a spaceship.

Because of them, My life seems enjoyable
Without them, It would be questionable
So Thank you Lord for Having them
As my wonderful Bestfriends.

CDOBloggers 1st Year Anniversary Celebration

In celebration with CDOBloggers, Inc. first year anniversary, CDObloggers went overnight camping at Mapawa Nature Park last Saturday and a whole day bonding on Sunday. I wasn't able to joined the overnight but me and Cherry followed on Sunday morning. It was an enjoyable experienced while riding a motor vehicle up to the mountain. Both Cherry and me where busy laughing and at the same time was scared we might fall at the cliffs we've passed by. When we arrived we were having a good chat and big laughs again with the other's who were there at the overnight camping. They were talking about the past night's experiences and activities. It was fun seeing everyone again since organizing Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3! I've missed the bonding we had... :D

Happy First Anniversary CDOBLOGGERS!

My New Look!

Hey yah all! Got a new look today. These past few days I had been working from 9 in the morning to 12 midnight facing the computer because of some deadline to catch for work. The result is that my eyes aches and I have to wear my graded eyeglasses again. I haven't worn this for many years already and I’m not used to it anymore. But I have no choice I have to wear this until my eyes are not aching anymore.

Dinner Before The Big Day!

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 Pre dinner party was sponsored by Loreto's Bar and Grill. It was fun dining with our MBS 3 host Migs Hipolito, PBA representative Juned Sonido, PBA volunteers and MBS 3 Organizers. We were expecting other guests and speakers of the MBS 3 to join us in that dinner but sadly, they didn't arrive. Anyway, the food was great; our stomachs were in full tank mode lols. At least for a while we had fun playing billiards and singing videoke before heading back to Pearlmont Inn and continue preparing for the event the next day.
Thank you very much to Loreto's Bar and Grill!

Photos from Juned.

Melissa's Despedida

Last Friday was Melissa's last day of work and so we had a beer night out. I didn't really believe that she was going to leave us at work when she chatted me her goodbye. I just knew it was true when I called up Janlac and she said that they are hanging out at Inilog Grill for Melissa's last day.

Melissa and I were not really not that closed at work yet I could say that we already had a strong bonding since we are team mates in our Thursday SMO task, shared common interest like shopping online and shared same birth month. But I am really happy for her since her decision was for her own good also. And I still remember what she said; "we will still be going out together even if we are no longer workmates anymore!".

Photos from Angela.

Trick or Treat!

Late Halloween greeting's! :-D

Photo by: Angela

After Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3

Hello Sunday!
Aching body and stomach, watering nose, hard cough and manly voice. This is what I get spending 96 hours sleepless, restless and not eating properly. Who could think of sleep, rest and eat organizing that bloody Mindanao Blogger Summit 3 event anyway? If only we had lots of money and just hire an event organizer to do it all, then no sweat. Sadly the funds are small and even though we have lots of sponsors 80 percent of them are all ex-deal. And hey! Where could you find an event where organizers itself paid their registration fee for the event also?!? It may sound funny but I'm not kidding... The CDObloggers were that committed that amidst the struggles, problems and difficulties we've had the past months we still manage to go on with the event.
And despite the effort some manage to gave their bloody hell feedbacks on their blogs. I haven't read it and have no plans of reading it for now. Maybe next year I might read it but thanks anyway since he manage to comment about the event (Yun nga lang bad comment!). I just need to heal my "pains"... hahahah Whatever! Even if they will turn the world upside down we cant bring the past and correct the mistakes anyway. Actually, in the event some commented personally that it was successful. Just so you know this event would have been much successful if not because of the misunderstandings and churvaness happened!
Oh by the way! Thanks to the SPONSORS for the support, to the SPEAKERS for sharing their knowledge, PARTICIPANTS for sharing their time and to my fellow CDOBLOGGERS ORGANIZERS.

Chill! Ok ra na maka-recover ra mo!