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My First Zipline!

I just had my first zipline adventure at the Seven Falls in Lake Sebu. It was definitely one of the scariest experiences I've had. I was like committing suicide unsuccessfully. lols...
It was because of Soccsksargen Summer Safari that I get to experience this Seven Falls zipline adventure in Lake Sebu. Sa dami ng tao na nakaline-up for zipline adventure that day we almost lost our chance to zipline. Actually, umalis na talaga kami sa Seven Falls and went to our next tour which is Punta Isla but after eating lunch there CDO bloggers went back to Seven Falls to try the zipline. Hindi talaga namin pinalampas ang thrill and Seven Falls zipline adventure experience! Sa tagal namin naka-zipline halos gusto ko nang magback-out. The more people I saw zip-lining the more I felt scared. Ang lalim kaya ng liliparin and to think that you will be doing it twice.
However, it was great that I didn't change my mind because the awesome view of the falls and the forest from the top was very much fantastic and fulfilling. And to think that Lake Sebu is too far from Cagayan de Oro so I should grab every opportunity to experience the adventure that the place offers.

Me and fellow blogger Mike Photo by Migs