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Bohemian Wedding Invitation

Hello everyone! 
Today I'll be sharing not my fashion but my crafty side. It's a skill of mine that come and go. lol 
I created this wedding invitations for a bohemian theme wedding of a friend. I finish the layout of the wedding invitation easily. However, it took me awhile to finish making the design of the outer part. The initial design, had some problems with the materials, I had to order it online. Due time constraint and some other reasons, I had to change materials. You see, one of the tricky part in making a themed wedding invitation is that the layout, materials and design should have a valuable connection to the themed. 
In the end, the final design came up while hunting for a possible materials... 
What I love the most among the materials is the flowers, its actually made of sawed-wood and preserved pine seed (not sure though).
What do you think of this wedding invitation?