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The Baranggay Elections 2010

I hope you'll spare me because ill be blogging some past happenings starting from now. I've been busy and got no time to blog much. Though I have posted some, but theres a lot more I haven't shared.

This medicines was given to my mom during a free medical check-ups a week before the Baranggay Elections 2010. Definitely during election season running officials for the government are very generous. A lot of cash giveaways, free events, feeding programs as well as free medical check-ups happens. Here in our town around Php400 was given to every legitimate voter from the currently winning Baranggay Official while the losing party just gave Php100 per voter. Unfortunately, such freebies and giveaways has taken a big influence to voters in casting their votes.
For me its actually okay to receive what has given to you but it should not be the basis of whom you will vote. It wouldn't have any problem if such official has showed progress in our town but sadly they didn't.
  • Garbage everywhere
  • Many roads needed repair
  • Fiesta activities are lousy
  • No programs for the youth during summer.
I just hope that people will think twice next time, not merely sharing the changes that they want through their mouth but use their heart, mind and hands to get the change that they want.