Mumuso Green Tea Bubble Facial Cleanser


I both this facial wash at the recently opened Mumuso Store at LimketKai Mall. I was attracted at the built-in brush in the bottle. And upon reading the packaging it's main ingredient is Green Tea. It's my first time to use a bubble facial cleanser so I was really curious and excited to try it.

Upon using the facial cleanser, the pump functions well. And i love how convenient it is to just pump it. The cleanser immediately bubbles when you pump it out. The silicon brush is gentle to the skin. And I like how it easily cleans the face especially if your washing the make-up on your face. I also like the feeling of the brush on my skin. I feel like the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells are really brush off my skin. It does have a scent when using it. 

I like that  it has cover in the brush. However, I do recommend to wash the brush thoroughly with water because they tend to get dirty eventually.

After using this cleanser, my face didn't feel dry every after wash which is good. And even though the packaging says peeling foam, I didn't notice any peeling in my skin while using this product.