Pink Friday: My Selca and Strawberry Milk Tea Drink

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It is yet another pink Friday thoughts! This time im a bit of excited for Pink Friday its because I unintentionally got an all pink selca with my strawberry milk tea drink.

For those who are confuse... Selca is a Korean language meaning a photo of yourself. ;) Another Korean language learned today right? :D

Last Wednesday, the some CDObloggers were invited for Tita Fanies-Xavier branch opening. After the delicious dinner we headed to the just recently opened Wang's Tea Fuzion to try the milk tea since most of us haven't try them. Honestly, it was my first try of drinking milk tea... They recommended Wintermelon Milk Tea and Honeydew Milk Tea, they said its tasty and my a fellow CDOblogger Bang who already tried it, agreed that it is tasty. However, when I look at the menu Strawberry Milk Tea catch my attention immediately and so I ordered it instead.

Verdict! At first I didn't like the taste, but eventually got used with it and its not so bad anymore. I think my coffee addiction has to do with me not liking it much and also the given fact that im not a fan of tea. I'll surely try it again next time to get use with the taste. There has been a lot of Milk Tea businesses arising in the city already and most of them including Wang's Tea Fuzion offered free wifi also. It's going to be a healthier alternative place to work or hangout other than the my suking coffee shops.

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  1. milk teas are the current craze + you'll see them everywhere! i have not tried loads of them, but this strawberry flavor sure sounds interesting + refreshing, it's one of my fave fruits! can i have some? ;)

  2. u have to treat me sometime. hehehe

  3. ahh that look so good and refreshing! hope to try one day.

    from PF

  4. it looks refreshing.. I hope to try it someday.. visiting from PF, mine is up at

    see you around...

  5. I hope you'll treat me with another flavor of Milk Tea :)

    Visiting from PF :)


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