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My Dream Wedding

I happen to visit the day 2 of Kasalan sa Kagay-an 2010 yesterday. I was amaze at the wedding services and products display. Actually medyo na lola ako sa presyo. Ang laki pala ng gastos ng dream wedding ko! :D

I have been wishing for a fairytale church wedding since I was child. Me wearing a beautiful gown and walking down the aisle of Saint Agustin Cathedral. Of course I picked Saint Agustin Cathedral because the aisle is long and it would really showcase my gown na on that day lang masusuot. I am also fascinated with garden wedding but I believe of the sanctity of wedding vows and that being wed in God's house would gave our marriage a strong bond and guidance from God so I go for church wedding. Anyways, a garden wedding would still be possible if we renew wedding vows. ;)

And my dream reception is a garden setting with lots of butterflies flying and flowers around. And for the wedding cake a simple one will do. Also the wedding coverage will not be forgotten because it will capture special moments on that one special day. Oh diba bongga? But looking at the booths at Kasalan sa Kagay-an 2010 my dream wedding will really leave my soon-to-be-husband pockets butas! heheheh
Wedding only happen in your life once so no matter how it is celebrated may it be grand or just a simple family gathering always remember to marry for love. What is important is that the value of marriage that it is binded by love and guided by God.